One Stamford Forum, Stanford, CT
Yes here is GTE out in the middle of Stamford, CT. GTE is a real mystery to me. They are supposed to be one of the biggest telecommunication companies, but I have never seen anything that they have done. I guess they are mostly a behind the scenes player. And perhaps they dabble in everything. Are they a focused company? I like their new logo though,"People moving ideas". Maybe their focus can be summed up in that statement.
Champion International
One ChampionPlaza, Stamford, CT
Well, I don't know what Stamford has to do with lumber, but Champion International is one of the largest wood and paper companies in the U.S. with 5.5 billion in revenue, they are right up there with Georgia-Pacific.
Hey its the electric shaver company. These guys are owned by the electronics division of the dutch company Phillips.
800 Long Ridge Road, Stamford, CT
Ah Xerox, "The Document Company. They were a revolution in the 60's and thrived for two more decades, but obviously paper is not the future, so from now on it will be a struggle for them to get a grip on this digital revolution thing. Nevertheless, they are important and they will be around. 18 billion in revenue.
707 Summer Street, Stamford, CT
There is a very interesting company tucked away in this little building. I can never figure out exactly what these guys do but they seem to own all these brand names such as car rental agencies, motel chains, and direct mail marketing companies. They are considered a hot company and have a very high capitalization. they seem very entrepreneurial.
Gartner Group
56 Top Gallant Road, Stamford, CT
I almost applied for a job at this company. Gartner Group is an information gathering company. They research and produce reports that companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for.
Pitney Bowes
One Elmcraft Road, Stamford, CT
These guys are the postage machine makers. That is mostly what they have made and do make. They have also gotten into dictaphones, fax machines, copiers and other office equipment. Also they recently introduced a machine where you could download stamps over the internet. Pretty cool.
Oxford Health Plans
800 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT
This company has had a pretty stormy year or two recently. I believe the CEO got in trouble for bad bookkeeping and the company reported some serious losses one day and the stock dropped 50%. A lot of people are still supporting them though and believe that HMO's can still be profitable.
535 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT
Well this isn't a very important company in terms of size or anything. But they sure get a lot of my business. I have spent a good 5 to 7 thousand dollars with them ordering from their candy colored computer equipment and software catalogs.
3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT
GE has the highest mark capitalization of any American company. They are the quintessential American company (no longer GM). They have made all kinds of ingenious devices from light bulbs, to elevators, to toasters and motors. I guess you could say they make very complicated and clever mechanical devices.
20 Ketchum Street, Westport, CT
Not a very impressive headquarters but they are a company doing important things. They do trade shows and magazines like Internet World and Web Developer.
Berkshire Corp. Park, Bethel, CT
For some reason I was expecting to be more impressed by Duracell. I don't know how many guzillions of their annoying ads I have see on TV. Their major competitor is Ralston Purina in St. Louis Missouri which makes the Energizer battery.
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