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Godzilla stomped during his short stay in New York City


New York City having a bad hair day.

New York City having a good hair day

Godzilla's Arrives and Reaks Havoc on the Fulton Fish Market Area
Godzilla makes his first appearance in New York in the Fulton Fish Market area. Of course this makes sense because Godzilla loves fish and if any of you have ever been down there, you would know this place stinks of the smell of fish. First he trashes a dock where a lone fisherman is fishing. The dock is just a Hollywood set and does not really exist here. But then he makes his first stomp onto the island at the intersection of South Street and Beekman (shown in the pictures above). From here he either heads south or west because his next stop is Wall Street and the Mayor's rally in front of the U.S. Customs House.

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