Oh no, he is reaking havoc in New York again.
Godzilla in the flatiron district facing north.

The day after Godzilla was here. It's sunny and the street sweepers have already come and cleaned up everything.

Godzilla out on the town and getting dinner in the Flatiron District
Midway through the film, it is night time and godzilla is back for more action. The U.S. army have baited him with a huge pile of fish which they put in the center of the intersection of Broadway and 23rd street. This area is a large open area in the center of New York. A park called Madison Square is right nearby and the tall skinny building in the center is called the Flatiron building and was once the tallest building in the world. Anyway, in this scene Godzilla pops up on Broadway north of where the intersection and the fish are. He makes his way down Broadway to the fish pile, gets his fill, at which point he is attacked and makes his way back up Broadway. By the way there really are lots of manhole covers in this area

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