Godzilla is hungry again and searches for a snack at Central Park
So Godzilla is on the prowl again and this time the U.S. army sets up a trap for him at Central Park. They put a pile of fish in an open field in Central Park called the Sheep's meadow. The troops look like they are stationed somwhere close to the ice skating rink in Central Park. Godzilla makes his way up Madison avenue turns left on 58th street, appears from behind the GM building. He comes closer to the park and is in front of the Plaza hotel. Then he get suspicious and starts turning away, at which point they start shooting and he makes a mad dash down 58th street going west all the way til he plunges into the Hudson river.If anyone has any pictures of this action, please send them to me.



Godzilla makes Madison Square Garden his humble abode
Also worth noting is Madison Square Garden, the stadium where the Knicks play that Godzilla has transformed into his nest.

Misc. Notes
A lot of the other scenes use fake scenery and buildings, such as those scenes where Godzilla is zig-zagging through the buildings in those crazy chase scenes. Also this one is fake. But as this web page shows, the movie-makers used a lot of real scenery and planned it out well. Also I didn't mention the Brooklyn Bridge, which I didnt think was worth including because everyone already knows that one and then I have a couple of interesting pictures- one of the tunnel which Mathew Broderick and the gang hid in when Godzilla was chasing their taxi. Also there is a picture of the Met Life building, the tall building on which Godzilla's silhouette can be scene after having plowed through it. Thanks for visiting my website and if you are interested in New York City and its buildings, please feel free to check out my main website.


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