Travelers Group
388 Greenwich St.
Formerly Travelers Group and soon to be Citigroup this company is about to combine with Citibank to become the largest bank in the world and the first to cross the barrier between banks and insurance companies in America. Sanford Weill probably has his office somewhere at the top of this building. From his window he can probably see Salomon Brothers building (visible in this picture), the company he took over recently. He can probably also see Merrill Lynch, the company he envies the most.
Dean Witter
2 World Trade Center
which occupies tower 2 of the World Trade Center recently merged with Morgan Stanley which is up in Time Square. Dean Witter is a retail brokerage firm and is really the only big company I know of that occupies the twin towers. Surprisingly no other major companies that I know of do.
American Express
200 Vesey Street
In the gorgeous five building World Financial Center, American Express and Lehman Brothers have their headquarters in the tallest corner building pictured here. Both companies are major powerhouses on Wall Street.
Merrill Lynch
250 Vesey Street

Merrill Lynch occupies the squattier two buildings that surround the American Express Tower. Merrill Lynch is the largest and most profitable of all of the businesses on Wall Street and the envy of everybody.
Mercantile Exchange
Also in the World Financial Center in the shortest building by the river is the Mercantile Exchange. As I understand, the Mercantile exchange is a major market for buying and selling commodities and futures.
Dow Jones
200 Liberty Street

This is the headquarters of Dow Jones creator of the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones industrial average. What goes on this big building besides the executive decisions I am not sure because there is another building in midtown that has saying it is their Wall Street Journal division.
This building is one of four offices across the U.S. for the National Association of Security Dealers; the second largest stock exchange after the NYSE. It's just a few blocks away from the NYSE and several more blocks from the American Exchange which it recently arranged a merger with. Rumor has it that they want to move the hedaquarters from Washington D.C. to this building
Goldman Sachs
85 Broad Street

I always get the impression that Goldman Sachs is the most prestigious and exclusive of all the investment banks. There is a sense intelligence class and strength about it. But also there is a sense of secretiveness about them, as if they were some ivy league secret society or something. The reason they can be secret is because they own themselves, just as a club should, and are not owned by the public.
55 Broad
Although no major companies occupy this building, this is the New York Information Technology center and a lot of young hot burgeoning internet companies occupy this building. In fact there are about 30 of them in this building, the biggest one probably being N2K- seller of CD's on the internet. Also the IBM homepage team (which I once worked for) and K2 and Studio Archetype- two top web design firms are in this building. Get the full list here.
11 Wall Street

I guess most everyone already knows about this building and what goes on here. But I guess I felt funny leaving it off since it is the reason that all that all the rest of Wall Street is here too. The only news on the NYSE is that they desperately need to expand and the jerkos across the street refuse to sell. This could force them to move to the World Financial Center or even to New Jersey. Such a move would really tear the heart out and be the demise of the lower Manhattan financial district.
J.P. Morgan
60 Wall Street
This bank is one of the fathers of New York Wall Street industry. Not only has it been around for over a long time, but the founder single handedly saved Wall Street in one of its crashes at the beginning of this century. J.P. Morgan has about 17 billion in sales a year. Also next to it in the picture is The Bank of New York, which aint no small bank either.
Federal Reserve
This is the regional office of the Federal reserve. I think it is one of 12 regional offices. But probably this one in particular is of importance because it is on Wall Street. Supposedly there are all these vaults of gold in the basement; one for each country in the world. And when two countries conduct a major purchase or exchange, one country calls this place up and have them wheel the gold from their vault to the other country's vault.
American International Group
70 Pine Street

A company that I have hardly ever heard of and it is hidden in some back alley in Wall Street. But I recently found out that this company is one of the biggest insurance companies and makes more than 27 billion in revenue and more than 3 billion in profit. A true monster.
Salomon Brothers
7 World Trade Center

Salomon Brothers, a major stock trading firm, recently took over Smith Barney and then Salomon was taken over by Travelers. Sanford Weill probably looked out his window and said, "I want that building." Also, it is reported that the traders in this building did really badly a couple of years ago.
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