New York Times
229 west 43rd Street
The company in this old building produces my very favorite newspaper- that gray lady which is no longer gray- The New York Times. Of course they get a lot of their info from Reuters and AP which are in other parts of this city, but their dedication to investigative, honest, and intelligent reporting makes them worthy of everyone's respect. May they live long and prosper.
1515 Broadway
Hello Viacom, a company which I consider the premiere media company in New York. Perhaps not as big as Time-Warner or Disney, but Viacom creates great and wacky programming. Think of MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon. These guys draw on the great talent in New York to make excellent programming. Check out the MTV studios on the 2nd floor of this building if you're ever in the neighborhood.
Bertelsmann Building
1540 Broadway
This company aint just another media company on my list. This is the company I used to work for. I worked in this building for about 4 months in 1997.(Just goes to show, I cant hold a job.) Bertelsmann is the 3rd largest media company in the world and this is their U.S. headquarters. Here they have their music division BMG and their book division, Bantam/Double Day/ Random House.
Morgan Stanley
I was kind of surprised to find a major investment bank and stock brokerage right in the middle of Time Square. But they are here. Morgan Stanley just recently merged with Dean Witter, Discover Co. which is located in the World Trade Center. With Dean Witter, they now have more than 27 billion in revenue.
Worldwide Plaza
In this really elegant new pink building which really stands out from the New York skyline are some major companies. Microsoft New York is in this building. Also my very favorite and elite ad agency Ogilvy and Mather is in this building. Finally Lifetime television and the American division of Polygram are also in this building. Definitely one of the premiere business residences in New York.
Deloitte Touche & Hachette Filipacchi
1633 Broadway
This building is called Paramount Plaza which I am trying to figure out whether it has anything to do with Paramount. However I do know that Deloitte Touche, another of the big six accounting firms is in this building with 7.4 billion in revenue. Also Hachette Filipacchi is in here. They are the creators Of Elle, Car & Driver, Road & Track, and several other major magazines.
Equitable and Ernst & Young
787 Seventh Avenue
This building says the Equitable Building on the front of it, but I also believe that Ernst & Young is in here. Ernst & Young is another of the big 6 accounting firms. The Equitable Companies has a long history in New York and there are several other buildings named the Equitable building here. Equitable owns Alliance Capital and DLJ and are now owned by French AXA.
Mutual Of New York (MONY)
1740 Broadway
I think this is an insurance company. They can be easily spotted from Time Square with a lit sign and pole on the top of their building. They do 2.7 billion in sales making them a major insurance company.
King World & Reuters
1700 Broadway
Some major companies are in this building. First there is Reuters with its world wide staff of reporters, they provide our newspapers and tv stations with alot of the news, images, and videos we receive from around the world. Also heaquartered here is King World Productions, creators of Wheel of Fortune andJeopardy and distributors of Oprah Winfrey. And then there is here.. guess who.. MAD Magzine.
Universal Music
This is Bronfman of Seagrams little pet project. The Music division of Universal had a great year last year and now it has expanded this year with the aquisition of EMI. So the division in this little building is not only hot, but going to be growing by leaps and bounds because Brofman likes them..
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